In response to society we find ourselves in, where there is diversity but lack of integration, the artistic collective N the Body Arts came up with the intention of uniting art, self – awareness, activism, resistance and freedom of expression.

We are a group of people with different talents and abilities, where our main purpose is to be the voice of liberation, integrating those who also feel displaced.

In our performances, we join the performance, dance, music and physical exercises in artistic and sensory representations involving the public for the release of paradigms such as modesty and social repression.

At each meeting, we have expanded our knowledge with open wheels discussions and new searches.

We operate in different locations in the city of São Paulo, in the streets, communities, parties and groups, seeking to expand our increasingly active voice to the reach of all!

Our collective consciousness believes in a better world where everything is possible, where everyone is able, to believe and create, and finally integrate!

In the arts of the body
” Art, love, communion, integration
body, mind and soul in union ”


A new perception of themselves in their high expression of being, the lyrical self that calls the realization of the full being. Transcending the established order, leading to the contemporary, through the relationship with the body and with the other, encouraging the development of personal empowerment and becoming awareness, emerging body, political and spiritual perception.

We live in a time of moral despair, where the only alternative, education is not used to the good of the people. The sharing of knowledge, human means to the escalation of evolution, is delivered to maquinizados knowledge, restricting the power of the universal wisdom to the interests of capital organization.

We express the expansion of individual plurality, the plural individualization, respect and support the development of capabilities and skills inherent in every being. We express the transformation miscegenation, fluid, revolutionary, pious, who create and activate healing and faith. Through the exchange and acceptance into communion, manifest the collective art.

Art therapy to transform reality through a humanized collective consciousness in order to work cathartic processes, strengthening and encouraging to be in a state of equilibrium, so that through their own expression there is freedom to be free without penance, accepting his pain and extolling its fullness.

The rescue organizational awareness of beings that form a half drive to pluralities, the awareness of being ONE with the diverse. The harmony reflection of the search that nature is essentially to be.